7 reasons to join us ! 

Joining us is an engaged act !

If you want to join us, it is simple : complete the form at the bottom of the page and give us your contact details so we can join you. That's it, you are now part of our community !
It is a moral engagement that you can, at any moment, manifest or revoke. 


1 To unite and to act

  •  Through the IMAN foundation, our members unite, and speak with one voice, more powerful, and that holds more weight in different demonstrations, events, and calls of the public authorities,
  • Participate in our events, and meet people who share your questions, and people who will give you answers,
  • Your association may benefit from our grants if your projects are in line with our ideas. 

2 To be heard and supported

  • Your child will benefit from our personalized care programs, allowing for a greater chance to recover their motor skills,
  • Your questions will be answered by our team, who are available daily. You will also be provided with an attentive ear, if that is what you need.

3 Protect your rights

  • You can make your situation known to the foundation and we will help you protect your rights.
  • You can call a telephone number where lawyers will provide you with free legal advice (in family law, social law, and law specializing in people with disabilities).

4 Broaden your skill set

  • En se formant sur des thérapies, souvent exclusives et pointues, You can get training on therapies, often exclusive and specialized,
  • And you can get a training in how to care for your disabled child to ensure effective follow-up at home.

5 Get your equipment at wholesale prices

  • You will benefit from an access to medical and specialized equipments at wholesale prices (the prices will directly be negociated with the manufacturer).

6 Cross the borders

  • By being aware of the practices, researches, events, and ressources available abroad. 
  • By meeting families from other horizons. 

7 Celebrate our achievements 

  • By claiming, with us, the need for better care in France, you are part of the needed change, 
  • By making the national authorities aware of our vision as parents,
  • By supporting our communication campaigns, and by appreciating the evolution of people's views !

Join Us ! 

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