Our cause

Cerebral palsy is the effect of lesions on the brain happening before, during or after birth. It is often the consequence of a preterm birth. It is the highest cause of motor disability amongst children. This non-evolutive affliction restricts the physical abilities of the child affected, among other physiological consequences. Its consequences regarding motor capabilities are, however, evolutive. 

17 millions cases in the world

1800 births per year

1 birth every 5 hours

125 000 cases in France

We, as humans, have exceptional cerebral functions, but, as powerful as this mechanism can be, it is conditioned by an external environment. The first era of our life is therefore a period of great opportunities and of great vulnerability. Every experience counts, wether it positively or negatively impacts up. A social imperative emerges from this situation : us adults have the responsibility to provide the newborn with the greatest environment for them to grow fulfilled. 

France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, today, the learning process, the referencing and the certification of new theories and new treatments take too long and patient care is put in the background. Therefore, a vast majority of the Healthcare budget in France is allocated to equipments, to support and house handicapped children. The situation in France is that public funds go towards PALLIATIF care, which, by definition, tries to contain the consequences of a problem instead of trying to deal with the cause. 

That is at the expense of CURRATIF projects which are therefore underfunded 

- Scientific research in neurology and pediatric neurology

- Information, scientific popularization and heightening awareness of health professionals

- Teaching new neurology discoveries to practitioners

- Coordination of all technics and evolutions in the fields of physiotherapy, physical therapy, osteopathy, and neurotherapy

A very time sensitive challenge 

Even though the initial diagnosis of a child suffering from cerebral palsy is a late motor development, and families expect that everything be done to catch up this delay before the end of the child's growth; it is simpler and more cost effective, for health deparments, to classify and treat our children as suffering from a definitive handicap.

Cerebral palsy is a non evolutive condition, but its consequences can be, under the condition that children are assured a continuous physical therapy throughout the entirety of their development. 

An insufficient patient care in France

Each year in France, 1800 children suffer from metabolic disorders which leads to cerebral palsy. Parents are directed towards many different organisms to seek help (medical, chirurgical, paramedical, and psychological). This is often insufficient, and in some cases catastrophic. 

- No coordination between practitioners on the evolution of the child

- Automatisation of the treatments and device making ( back braces, molded seats, medical corsets, standing frames...)

- Suggestions of invasive and irreversible surgeries of sections of tendons to "be able to walk"; even though these interventions prevent any recuperations and only "hide" the physical disability of the foot.  

Our approach is innovative as it offers alternatives that traditional patient care lacks. It is lead by mothers of children suffering from cerebral palsy and have a lot of experience dealing with children with the condition, technics and therapies offered in other countries. We also stress support during the whole period of development and until professional integration.

How to have a better understanding of the handicap