Our Actions

Our care programs are personalized, thus offering each child an optimal care and support. Each of the actors of our programs finds a professional, vital or economic, and certainly human advantage in participating in our programs :

For the therapists, 

  • A detailed data monitoring,
  • A better understanding of the disorders, 
  • A more relevant analysis of the information,
  • A pool of data that helps us decide on which treatment is better for the child, and feed the research projects. 

For the parents, 

  • A complete and optimal care and support system for their child,
  • A better understanding of the disorders, 
  • A better adjustment of the environment to the needs of the child,
  • The certainty of a continuous improvement of motor and cognitive constraints,
  • A better educational support for their child.

For the patrons, 

  • A mean of being an integral part of a human network,
  • A positive image of the company, or of the philanthropist, 
  • A seal of quality and a proof that your products or services are ethical in some way,
  • Media coverage associated with our actions 
  • Advantageous tax deductions.

For the children, 

  • A growth under the best conditions,
  • A precious educational help,
  • Quality supervision to ensure a good psychomotor development,
  • A greater chance of being autonomous in the futur, for an easier adult life.

Our main project


Center for Continuous and Pluridisciplinary Re-education

And many more 

to meet the needs of the families

Supervision and School Integration

Implementation of personalized educational supervision during the rehabilitation sessions. 

An inclusive social life

Teaching of the children's rights in all school and extra-curricular activities, social and administrative assistance.


A research project is already launched in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Brussels, to improve the anticipation of rehabilitation programs.