The Foundation

Center for Continuous Integration Therapy®.

There is a need to give children suffering from cerebral palsy further treatments that will complement the classic ones that they already benefit from; a need that our foundation answers to.

Our personalized journey is built in partnership with the parents and offers : 

- A care and support diagnosis ; 
- The definition of a care path ; 
- The application of adapted therapies ; 
- A regular monitoring and a relevant evaluation that will determine the next step.

Our care path is global : 

- A monitoring of the musculoskeletal reviews to prevent malformations and ease pain ; 
- A monitoring of the brain to watch for the effects of anxiety, sleep disorders, and others ; 
- A visceral monitoring for all the symptomatology that may be linked.

Thus, the child is energized, stimulated, and their brain can integrate the correction of 

new movements of the muscles, of the posture, and of other related disorders. 


A place in which your child will benefit from physical therapy (Osteopathy, Kinesitherapy), exploring the malleability of the brain.


A thorough analysis of all physical therapy treatments which may improve physical movements. The study of the malleability of the brain is the focus point of our research. 


Our projects are participative and inclusive. We focus on the innovative ways to improve the support around the handicap (Datathon, Idéation Parents...)


Our projects are funded by patrons, from companies or private individuals. 

Patronage is a partnership in which a company or a private individual decides to support the projects of the IMAN foundation. This partnership has advantages for both parties, but more importantly, there is a humane aspect to it. Both parties agree to build a better future for our children suffering from cerebral palsy.

                 6 ways to become a patron at the IMAN foundation

In treatments

Fund us by taking care of yourself

We offer physical therapy sessions for able-bodied people as well. The cost of the consultation goes directly to the foundation.

In nature

Supply of goods

Supplying or lending material supplies, premises, products, or even an advertisement space



 A monetary donation that will go towards a specific project (of your choosing) or to the foundation as a whole. It can also be in the form of the sale of a product, the profits of which will go to the foundation.

Sale of a product

Patronage of the sales

Through the sale of a sponsored product, or a service, the patron company can share the profits with the foundation, as a donation.


Providing a team

If you are a company that provide technologies essential to our projects, you can mobilize your resources, your available technology for the benefit of the foundation, in projects of general interest.


a donation of expertise

You can share your expertise to contribute to our projects. Your time with us is tax-deductible. 


The experience of parents at the heart of our concerns

Advising and Sharing

Co-write the way handicap will be seen in the futur

We offer a space in which all can share knowledge to express our collective intelligence. Animated by parents of children with disabilities, where your experience is valuable for your child and for everyone else!

Calm, and Emotional release

a help for the helpers

We would like to offer ways for the people who are constantly solicited of unwinding, and getting some help themselves. It is important to prevent the effects of the mental load on the body and the mind.


Allow the evaluation of the efficiency of therapies and treatments 

In the long run, we will provide parents with a powerful tool, and allow them to better visualize the path of treatments and therapy sessions their child might need, and to provide them with a better support and care. 


 The logos and names of the patron companies and private patrons will be displayed on our storefront.